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I’ve been running weekly (or nearly, when not injured) for over 19 years. Running in Marin County is the best.

I’ve done 10 Marathons around the U.S., and over 40 Half Marathons. I’m a slow, determined runner. I was training for the Monterrey Half last fall and decided to do a 14 1/2 mile training run –  after doing 10 miles the week before. BIG ERROR. Never increase your mileage more than 10% over the previous run. I never knew that – or didn’t pay attention, figuring I was feeling great. After belonging to a running club, SFRRC (San Francisco Road Runners Club) and reading a ton, you would think I would’ve known better.

But I didn’t. And now 4 months into knee rehab for a serious knee injury (No surgery needed, thank goodness) let’s hope I’ll be back to running soon.

Pay attention to the experts. It could save you an injury.

My PT gave me this terrific protocol to return to running – in case you need one:

See you out on the path!

Richardson Bay Salt Marsh, Mill Valley, CA
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