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Picture Book: 32 pages
Ages 5 – 8
Release date:  January, 2023
Written by:
Colette Weil Parrinello

Did you know a soccer field is called a pitch? What’s a “clean sheet?” Who jumped the highest to head the ball? What team’s mascot is a live billy goat? Find out all about soccer positions, moves, equipment, teams, and much more. Get a fascinating look at crazy facts about the sport’s history, stadiums, mascots, fans and the World Cups! Stunning photos give readers an up-close look at soccer players in action.

Colette brings an even hand in presenting both women’s and men’s soccer, and players who have stood out in the sport. Girls and boys want to see themselves in today’s soccer and READ ALL ABOUT SOCCER provides a balanced, diverse presentation of soccer life today.

Publisher: Pebble Books, an imprint of Capstone Publications
978-0756572693 (hard cover)
978-0756573430 (paperback)
978-0756572686 (kindle edition)

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