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Autumn Writing

There is nothing like the colors of Fall. They go straight to my heart with their spectacular vibrancy. I also am a Fall baby, so it's in my blood. A run on trails covered with soft leaves, the crisp, cool air, with beautiful colors overhead, can't be beat. While the East Coast is amazing, California has its pockets of glorious,…

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Writing and Little Free Library

I think my Mother's Day gift really helped motivate my writing. It was so much fun. I asked my family for a Little Free Library (LFL) for our neighborhood, as I have all I need. What a joy it's been to get it ready with my husband and kids, gather the books, stock it and do the launch party. It…

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Back to Running & Writing

It's been 4 months since my fall on a morning run and resulting shoulder surgery. Physical therapy is thankfully bringing back shoulder movement. And I'm finally back on the trail - but running very slow, scrutinizing the ground for hidden potholes or bumps, especially at 6:30 am when its pitch dark. But it's a blessing to be back out there…

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A Bit Bionic and Back to Writing

Now with a steel plate and 8 pins in my shoulder, I thought that was an omen. It was! I'm braced for more running and writing. I just haven't started the running part yet. I did visit the scene of the fall and kicked the roadway ridges for good measure. But ironically, the injury did not impact my hand for…

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Serious Mental & Physical Setback

I love running and writing. So when I took a serious fall on a morning run, I figured all would be good. I've taken hits before. But this one was different. I couldn't move my left arm. X-rays, orthopedic sports doctor, and then orthopedic surgeon. Serious fractures in the left humerus (I learned what that was), Now I'm a bionic…

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Writing Resources

Getting the most out of a professional critique

Excluding my regular critique group (except during COVID), I've probably had over 100 professional writing critiques. Some harsh, some dismissive, some encouraging, some insightful, some throwaways. I've made a substantial investment in my writing career and I've learned a solid professional critique can put you on an enlightened path.
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Kids masks made with t-shirt ties

Writing for Magazines & Mask-Making

Teen Scouts help the Mill Valley Masketeers by cutting hundreds of t-shirts to make ear ties. Led by local Mill Valley citizen Lee Budish, people from around the community came together like the Scouts, to donate fabric, cut, sew and deliver over 14,000 masks to those in need.
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The Sisters, Cascade Mountain Range

Brain Cleaner for My Writing

My brain cleaner for writing is running--or journaling. After last week's horrific attack on our nation's Capitol, I needed a lot of brain cleaning. Nothing works better than a run (without falling) along the BLM and viewing the stunning Cascades. The incredible views always remind me to take deep breaths, count my blessings, be positive, and start anew. So as…

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