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The Huli People of Papua New Guinea: From Isolation to Theft of Their Natural Resources

The Huli people have tribal customs from thousands of years. When the Europeans "discovered" them in the 1940's, life changed.…

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FACES Magazine, Great Cities of the World: Tokyo, 1/18 — Two articles: Bento Boxes and Japanese Lacquerware, and Manga and Anime Mania

I've worked and traveled to Japan for the video game industry. I probably was the first woman to do that!!!…

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“People of Peace” Faces Magazine, April 2018 — Malala Yousafzai and Tegla Loroupe

For this issue on People of Peace, I focused on two of the areas I love - running and education…

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FACES Magazine, Bonnie Scotland, Feb. 2018

Tartan, Not Just Plaid – The Scottish Heritage of the World Famous Weave

All around the world, people wear plaid. It might be one of the most best-known, well-recognized patterns in the world.…

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Sydney, Australia Issue, FACES Magazine, Cobblestone Publishing

My mum and sisters migrated to Australia over 35 years ago, so I've been to Australia several times to visit…

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February, 2017, The Greatest Rivers of the World, FACES magazine

After writing earlier articles on Cambodia, I learned how the Mekong River is the life and livelihood of millions of…

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Morocco: Land of Extremes, January 2017, FACES Magazine

Morocco is a beautiful, bustling, mystical country. One of the lovely traditions is the making and sharing of sweet Moroccan…

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Cambodia, FACES Magazine, September 2016

Cambodia is a new democracy struggling to make its way in the modern world. After years of brutal wars, its…

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