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I’m a writer of children’s articles and books. I absolutely love to see kids get lost in reading. I write adventure, mystery, environmental fiction, and nonfiction magazine articles that take you on amazing journeys and activities around the world.

Colette Weil Parrinello, children's writer

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Attention World: Belize Saves Their Coral Reef, FACES Magazine, Jan. 2021

Belize’s Barrier Reef was in crisis, heading towards destruction. The citizens had enough and took action.

Internet Ocean, ASK magazine

How do web pages from around the world instantly get to your computer? Through skinny cables along the bottom of the ocean. Enjoy Internet Ocean in Deep Dark Ocean, Oct. 2019 issue of Ask Science Magazine This is my first article in Ask magazine and probably one of the hardest articles to write. To me,…

Saving Mali’s Migrating Desert Elephants

Saving Mali’s Migrating Desert Elephants Once there were thousands of migrating Gourma Desert Elephants in Mali.  Now there are fewer than 400. Around the world people help to save them. Mali’s Desert Elephants are baraka—a blessing to the people and environment. But drought, militant violence, poachers, expanding herds and farms, and encroaching human settlement threaten…

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