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Colette Weil Parrinello, children's writer

I love reading, writing, running and being outdoors. Since I was 8, I kept a journal. Not daily, but when I had to share something that was on my mind or on my heart.

I grew up in Campbell, CA. My parents were immigrants, dad from the Alsace and mother from Germany (although she was born in SF. Long story.) Our home was built where there once was a cherry orchard (I don’t eat cherries anymore.) Pit wars ruled the day.

Independent Spirit

I was an avid mystery reader, roller skater, biker, cookie dough eater, clubhouse lover, babysitter, athlete, and song girl cheerleader.

I’m the taller one with my sisters in Easter dresses. I hated this organza dress. My sister, Linda,  loved it, as did my fluffy baby doll sister, Karen.

At 14, I was ready to move out of my house. Nearly 18, I was on my own, working part time in retail to pay for rent, food, and my way through college.

Video Games and More

My first real job after college (and one of the best!) was interviewing kids in video and pinball game rooms about prototype Atari coin-operated games. At night, I went to graduate school for my MBA and was the first woman at Atari to have an MBA.

I’ve traveled around the world with work and with my husband and two kids. Our favorite times are during soccer championships, the World Cup, in Kauai, and with my husband’s family in Sicily.

Happy Things

I run everywhere to feel the local pulse. I’ve done 10 marathons and over forty half marathons. My favorite is the New York Marathon. But the hills and streets of San Francisco and Marin County are the most special.

More happy things are my family, faith, nature, hiking, friends, sports, learning new things, fast cars, history, podcasts, audio books, San Francisco, Berlin, and nearly all things Italian and Sicilian.

What are yours?

Looking from SF to Marin
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