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Autumn is a Special Time of Year for Red Pickleweed

Bright, Salty, Red & Yummy This is a very special time of year when pickleweed, the favorite food of the salt marsh harvest mouse, turns bright red and is loaded with salt. Pickleweed is a plant that looks like tiny pickles, tastes like pickles and grows in the salt marsh. Only in the Salt Marshes Around SF Bay Around San…

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Pay Attention to Running Experts

I've been running weekly (or nearly, when not injured) for over 19 years. Running in Marin County is the best. I've done 10 Marathons around the U.S., and over 40 Half Marathons. I'm a slow, determined runner. I was training for the Monterrey Half last fall and decided to do a 14 1/2 mile training run -  after doing 10…

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The rich marsh habitat.

Slush, mush marsh

Marshes Were Smelly Dumps The marsh was the place that people dumped their garbage and construction debri. Just an ugly wasteland along the coast or inland. On a low tide, like the picture on the right, you would have seen garbage, tires and more, exposed. On a high tide, you could look out over a marsh and see all different…

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