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Everyone hits roadblocks in their work and their writing. Sometimes coming up against one roadblock after another, and sometimes big slam-backs, just make you weary. You need something to clear your brain and give yourself a break. For me, it’s running. And especially running along rivers, high desert paths (without super hi heat.) and trails that photo 1give me God’s spectacular vistas like the Cascade Mountains or the Golden Gate, or the Austrian Alps. It’s on these runs that I can put my roadblocks behind me. I am faced with the big beautiful picture and the magnitude of what is so much bigger photo 2than my roadblocks. I breathe in some amazing mountain air, count my blessings, and am grateful to put one running foot in front of another. My roadblocks sure didn’t go away. But my brain and body got one amazing break. That, in itself, is roadblock-busting.

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