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I love running and writing. So when I took a serious fall on a morning run, I figured all would be good. I’ve taken hits before. But this one was different. I couldn’t move my left arm. X-rays, orthopedic sports doctor, and then orthopedic surgeon. Serious fractures in the left humerus (I learned what that was), Now I’m a bionic woman with a plate and 7 metal pins in my shoulder and slowly on the path to recovery.

The fall has given serious pause about my running and writing. This injury was worse than my worst novel rejection. Will I run again? What should I change about my writing? Should I continue? This is a big crossroads. A freak accident (although I have tripped before) has shaken my confidence and my deep reliability on my healthy body.

Maybe I’ll be a phoenix? Stay tuned for the mental and physical comeback.

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