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I did a workshop for SCBWI SF North & East Bay Region on 3/13/21 on Writing for Children’s Magazines. In preparation, I explored other magazine’s (than I write for) submission guidelines. I came across Scout Life (formerly Boys Scout Life) and shared their information. I realized then that teen Scouts have been helping the Mill Valley Masketeers by cutting hundreds of t-shirts for the mask ties. T-shirt ties are the perfect ear or head straps. They are re-purposed, and cut in one inch strips, stretched, and cut to length, are the most comfortable around the ears and last for a long time.

I’ve made 1800 masks to date for donation with the Masketeers, and so many used the t-shirts strips provided by the Scouts. This is a wonderful story of a community coming together to help others. Let’s see what Scout Life thinks. Stay tuned!

Kids masks made with t-shirt ties
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