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AppleSeeds Magazine Issue: Snakes – Twinkie Tells All

Twinkie has a lot to say! She's the most popular snake at the Reptile Zoo in the Prehistoric Pets Store in Fountain Valley, CA. That's not the only reason she was named the largest albino python by the Guinness World Records 2014. She's got some real personality and everyone loves her. Sometimes all that love can be overwhelming. Read more…

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Doing Queries for Children’s Magazines

At the SCBWI national conference in Los Angeles 4 years ago, I attended a wonderful workshop by SCBWI regional advisor Sue Ford. (She writes under Sue Uhlig. She was RA in Kansas at the time and is now RA in Oregon!) While I'm published in other industries like health care, I did not have published work in children's literature. (And…

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