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I have been very honored to have received assignments in several issues of FACES magazine for children in 2016 and 2017. I loved writing each article, but haven’t had a chance to post them and hope to soon. Each one brought me into a new journey of learning and talking with new people. Writing is team sport!

September 2016 issue on Cambodia, two articles: “Recovering from Wars” and “Leng Ouch Fights to Save Forests.”

October 2016 issue on The World of Dogs, three articles: “Holiday Just for Dogs”, “Crime Fighting Dogs”, and “Ashes is serious about Her Work.”

January 2017 issue on Morocco: Land of Extremes, two articles: “The Power and Beauty of Moroccan Mint Tea” and “Family Life.”

February 2017 issue on Great Rivers of the World, one article: “The Mekong River: Who Owns the Water.”

Also, coming in April 2017 issue on Sydney, Australia, one article: “Sleep Overnight and More at the Taronga Zoo.”



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