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Mill Valley Library

Photo courtesy of Mill Valley Library

My library, the Mill Valley Library, is one of the most beautiful. It’s my friend, my helper, idea source, inspiration, entertainment and so much more. With shelter in place, there’s like a hole in my heart without the library. Plus I’m holding over 15 books to return, and it feels like one of the worst things— hanging onto my library’s books.

When I prepare an article query for a children’s magazine or research for a novel, it’s the first place I go to find material on the topic. I look up the books online I need, then request a hold on them. A day or two later, I pick them up and begin work along with more online resourcing. It’s like having an incredible research staff to help me. Everyone is so kind and helps me get my work done!

So many people are suffering during this time, and the library staff has been redirected to assist in other SIP areas. Plus they are still doing creative, fascinating online library programs. I can’t thank them enough for all they do.

Even though I listen to a ton of audio books and podcasts, and conduct lots of research online,  I sure miss the library.

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