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I believe that every person is overwhelmed in one way or another, worrying and protecting against COVID-19. It is hard to go through the day without grieving for another person, city, county or nation. The drastic changes that many have gone through and are going through have changed their lives in ways we can’t imagine. The deck has reshuffled and the dealer is the virus.

As a writer, I am used to solitude in my work. I join organizations to improve my craft and commune with those who understand the demands and challenges of writing. Solitude pinned with distress and worry makes it hard to focus. But it is that focus that will get one through the distress and worry.

Along with writing, running, and cooking a lot, I’ve rediscovered that I can sew, and make masks with Mill Valley’s #Masketeers who have sewn thousands of masks for health care workers, veterans, seniors, communities in need and more. As counties and countries begin to slowly open up, the need for masks and PPE is ever greater. Don’t forget to wear yours.

I pray for all to be safe, healthy and keep putting one foot forward to see a better day. As a community working together, we will get there. Focus on what you do, carry your day with hope, and trust that it will improve – and it will. Just perhaps not in the way we want.

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