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The horrific events around the world from Covid-19 and the painful injustice and brutality against Blacks in the U.S. have seared everyone’s heart, soul, conscience, and life. We need healthy healing, and fair and just policies to change a system that enables these heinous violent acts to continue.

If that wasn’t enough, in California we face overwhelming fires, deep unemployment, and delayed relief for families in crisis.

I’m a life long learner, someone who re-examines and seeks out ways to change. Change is definitely not always easy but everyone can change at any age and phase of life. No excuses allowed — or rather there are a ton of excuses, but change doesn’t happen from excuse.

On the Covid-19 front, it’s painful to see local families, businesses and friends lose their jobs, homes and livelihood.

Please, everyone, mask up (over your nose and mouth!), 6ft social distance at minimum. Have compassion and respect for each person. Wear/have the mask at all times. Compared to everything else going on, it’s no big deal, and affects huge change.

Be a life long learner for change. We can’t move forward without change.

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