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Autumn is a Special Time of Year for Red Pickleweed

Bright, Salty, Red & Yummy This is a very special time of year when pickleweed, the favorite food of the salt marsh harvest mouse, turns bright red and is loaded with salt. Pickleweed is a plant that looks like tiny pickles, tastes like pickles and grows in the salt marsh. Only in the Salt Marshes Around SF Bay Around San…

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Children's masks

It’s the Small Things During Covid

In Jan. 2020, I decided it was time to learn my new (!) sewing machine. I hadn't opened it's box in 15 years. I took a lesson. March 14th, we entered the pandemic and shelter in place. A friend suggested I might consider making masks to donate with a volunteer group called #millvalleymasketeers. After all, I could now thread my…

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