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Injured Runner

Runner Injury Equates to Writer Critique Slam

I run and write. I realized that getting a runner injury is like getting a critique slam down on your manuscript. Both are big setbacks. And both require mental strength and the need to call in the support team to lift up your body and brain. I've been fortunate to run marathons and half marathons for the past 7 years…

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Getting writer’s education and subject matter street cred

Whenever writers are asked to submit a query or proposal, they are asked for their biography and specific relevant experience. With articles published in the business world and now writing for children's literature, there isn't a direct connection for children's publishers. And usually topic depth and direct experience are very important. Well, after volunteering as a frog docent, cleaning the…

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Writing about Nature

Let's face it. That title does not spark you to jump in. If you are a children's non-fiction writer of educational work, and are used for reference books for subject reports, that's one thing. I find writing about the natural world tricky. Especially when it's a work of fiction and addresses issues and conflicts in the natural world. For instance,…

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